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    Build unforgettable memories
    watching pets in their own home

  • We Vet every Pet Sitter

    We don't let just anyone watch our pets

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  • We've raised the bar

    We provide a wide choice of Pet Sitters,
    to help you choose the one that's right
    for you and your pets

    Peace of mind with our Insurance backed
    guarantee covering your home for
    up to £1 million

    Our trusted partners provide you with the
    knowledge that we've got your home and
    your pet covered when you're not there

  • We’ve got you Covered

    From Dogs, Cats and Rabbits to Gecko’s, Parrots and Horses

    • Pets are happiest at home in their own environment
    • 1:1 care and attention
    • Get regular updates from your sitter
    • Pets follow their familiar routines when you are away
    • Minimise disruption to your family
    • Choose the sitter that is right for your pets
    • Our sitters come with an Insurance backed guarantee
    • Happy Pets = Happy Owners
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  • Lifestyle Choice

    I love being a Pet Sitter. I am free to choose the location and dates that suit me. I get to meet amazing animals and their owners. I get to stay in some amazing locations and houses. The best job ever!

    Julie O - UK

    There's many things I love about a pet sitter, I love getting to spend so much time with a variety of loving pets. The relationship I build with them and their owners is lovely and very rewarding.

    Holly P - UK

    I love being a pet sitter because I am surrounded by animals and enjoy the chance to look after them. I know how important is to have someone reliable to look after your pets and I love what I do.

    Paula Alexandra - UK

    I love getting to know the pets and travelling to different locations. When you watch a pet in their own home it ends up feeling like you are home too. I love being a Pet Sitter!

    Sebastian D - Europe

  • Our Trusted Partners


    YOTI works by allowing you to set
    up a trusted, genuine and verified
    digital identity.

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    An Insurance backed guarantee working
    to protect your home and contents
    for up to £1 million.

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    PawSquad lets you video call or text chat
    with a qualified vet free at any time or day
    or night, 365 days a year.

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