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Unique Experience

Build unforgettable memories watching pets in their own home

Pet Parents - We've got you covered!

If you share your life with a pet, you can't just get up and go for a break or holiday, you need to plan your pets arrangements too.  Pete Wedderburn, Veterinary Surgeon, Daily Telegraph

Time, Care and 1:1 Attention

  • Insurance backed £1m Guarantee
  • 24/7 Free Vet Advice Line
  • 1:1 Pet Care and Attention
  • ID Verified Pet Sitters
  • Pets are happiest at home
  • Get Video and Message Updates
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Travel the World Looking after Pets

I love being a Pet Sitter.  I get to meet amazing animals and their owners. I get to stay in some amazing locations and houses. The best job everJulie O - UK  Pet Sitter

Live like a local!

  • Care for Pets in their own home
  • Travel the World
  • Choose your Assignments
  • ID Verified Pet Owners
  • Get paid to do what you love
  • Stay in Amazing Locations
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I love being a Pet Sitter. I am free to choose the location and dates that suit me. I get to meet amazing animals and their owners. I get to stay in some amazing locations and houses. The best job ever!
Julie O - UK

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