Meet Robin and Vicky Jo

We are in our 60s, semi-retired, no children, no pets of our own, non-smokers, and we have our own car. We are fit and active, and enjoy walking and swimming. Robin works part-time as a corporate trainer, and Vicky Jo works part-time as a university professor, running online webinar-based psychology classes for Masters-level students.

We both love cats and dogs and derive great satisfaction from making new furry friends. We know pets are more comfortable staying in their own home while their pet parents are away, so we try to be the doting aunt and uncle for them, lavishing attention on them so they feel safe and secure.

Staying in different communities in different countries for extended time periods gives us a chance to experience local surroundings as residents rather than merely tourists. It provides us with a greater appreciation of the culture and allows us to enjoy occasional outings to sightsee at a leisurely pace.

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