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Welcome to Trust My Pet Sitter, where we understand that finding the ideal cat sitter is about more than just someone keeping an eye on your pet.
It’s about ensuring peace of mind for you, the homeowner, and providing a loving and safe environment for your feline friend.
Our cat-sitting services near you, including locations like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Bristol, offer a seamless blend of house-sitting and pet care, all through an easy-to-use cat-sitting app.

Cat Sitting Near You

Why Choose Cat & House Sitting?

Cat house sitting is perfect for pet parents looking for a stress-free alternative to catteries.
Our cat and house-sitting services ensure your cat stays in the comfort of their own home while you’re away. This familiar setting provides security and maintains their routine, minimising potential anxiety.

Cat Sitting Near You

Through our user-friendly cat-sitting app, you can quickly locate local trusted cat sitters in major cities like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, and Brighton and beyond.
Our sitters are thoroughly vetted and matched based on your cat’s needs and personality.

Cat Sitting Rates

We provide transparent cat-sitting prices without compromising on quality care. Our competitive rates ensure you receive the best house-sitting and cat care value. Our sitters will engage with your cat, ensuring they are well-cared for and happy. Our sitters are passionate about animals — your cat will be in good hands.

Cat and House Sitting

Our sitters do more than care for your pet. They also look after your home, keeping it clean, secure, and just as you left it. Comprehensive care covers both your pet and your home.

Peace of Mind

With industry-leading ID verification and a dedicated team of pet and house sitters, you can easily travel knowing that your home and pet are in safe hands. Enjoy your holiday or trip with peace of mind!

How It Works

  1. Discover
 Browse profiles of cat sitters near you using our cat-sitting app or website. Each profile includes details about the sitter’s experience, skills, and reviews from other pet owners.
  1. Connect
You can contact sitters directly through our platform. Discuss your needs, their availability, and any special requirements your cat may have.
Talk about what you need, when they are available, and any specific needs your cat may have. Then, make a reservation through our platform to confirm everything is agreed upon. Our booking system is user-friendly and transparent for your convenience.
  1. Book
 Secure your booking through our platform, ensuring all terms are clear and agreed upon. Our booking system is designed for your ease of use and full transparency.
  1. Relax
 Enjoy your time away with the assurance that your cat is enjoying their comfortable and familiar home environment!

Our Commitment to You and Your Pet

At Trust My Pet Sitter, we’re dedicated to more than just matching you with a pet sitter; we’re committed to creating lasting connections that add real value to our community of cat lovers. Our commitment includes:
- Safety and Trust: Every sitter undergoes rigorous vetting with industry-leading ID verification.
- Support: Our community supports each interaction, ensuring help is always available when you need it.
- Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident in our service and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your match, we will work to make it right.

Why Our Clients Love Us

"We were away for almost a month, so it was very important to us to find someone we could trust. 
Thanks to Angela and the team at Trust My Pet Sitter, our experience could not have been better!" Anna, San Francisco
"A cute and well-behaved pet who was a delight to look after. The house was amazing, clean and well designed, overlooking the Bay and San Francisco. You fall asleep to the sounds of the water. I have loved this Pet Sit!" - Fiona

Ready to find the perfect cat sitter?

Join us today and experience the Trust My Pet Sitter difference. Pets are happiest at home, and so are their owners when they know everything is taken care of. Contact Us Today.
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