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All You Need to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd Puppy

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All You Need to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd Puppy

One of the Top 10 most popular breeds in the US for 2022 according to Trupanion, a German Shepherd puppy will provide an exciting and rewarding experience. You’ll need to know about the breed’s specific traits, health concerns, training and socialization needs, and diet requirements to find the best German Shepherd puppies for sale in your area or further afield.

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Originally from Alsace in France (Bordering Germany), German Shepherds or Alsatians are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They’re strong, loyal, and smart—which is why it’s no surprise that many people choose them as their pet. But before you bring home your new puppy, there are some important things to consider first. Read on to find out what you need to know before getting a German Shepherd puppy!

Buying a German Shepherd Puppy

When looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale it is important to choose a breeder who has a good reputation for breeding healthy animals with sound temperaments.

Checking out online reviews from previous buyers can help you narrow down your search. You should also look into reputable breeders who specialize in purebred German Shepherds to ensure that the puppy is healthy and well-socialized from birth. It’s also important to check with local shelters or rescue organizations because there may be older puppies or adult dogs available who need a loving home.

german shepherd puppies for sale

Personality & Temperament

German Shepherds are known for being intelligent and loyal dogs. They can be protective of their owners and make great guard dogs, but they also have an even-tempered nature that makes them excellent companions. They tend to love people and do well with children, making them ideal family pets.

Size and Height

German Shepherd’s height range is 22-26 inches weighing around 49-88lbs


German Shepherds have a Double Coat ranging from long to short hair with the main colors are Black with Tan coat, Sable, Black and also White.

Large firm ears and the head has a clean-cut look with strong hindquarters making them the perfect dog for police and armed forces worldwide.


German Shepherds are highly-intelligent dogs, which means they require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation—which can be provided through training sessions. Training is an important part of owning any dog, but for an active pup like a German Shepherd, it’s especially crucial.

german shepherd puppies for sale

Invest Time

You must invest the time into teaching German Shepherd Puppies basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come and heel. This will help keep them safe in public settings while also providing them with the mental stimulation that they crave. If you have the extra time, enrolling your pup in formal classes could also be beneficial.

Be sure to use positive reinforcement methods—such as praise and treats—to encourage good behavior during training sessions.

Grooming Requirements

German shepherds have thick double coats that require regular brushing. It’s important to brush their coat weekly to remove any tangles and keep their coat healthy and shiny. In addition to brushing, you should also bathe them as needed using mild dog shampoo. Lastly, don’t forget about nail trimming and dental care! Trim their nails every couple of weeks and brush their teeth regularly to maintain good oral health.


if you’re looking for an intelligent and loyal companion then a German shepherd puppy may be just what you’re looking for! Just remember that these pups require lots of exercise, regular grooming sessions, consistent training sessions, and most importantly love!

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