How it works for Pet Parents

What is Trust My Pet Sitter?

Trust My Pet Sitter is a Boutique Pet Care Agency. We match Pets with Trusted Pet Sitters

Whether you’ve already got a trip booked or are still in the planning stages, we can help.


Who are our Pet Sitters?

A TMPS Pet Sitter has a minimum of 3 years pet sitting experience and can provide verified links to 5-star reviews from other Pet Parents.

Our Pet Sitters complete a unique selection process with one of our team, which includes an in-depth interview and ID verification.


Why Us?

We’re all about the Customer experience, and for us that’s our Pet Sitters, Pet Parents and most importantly the Pets.

Our Account Managers work closely with Pet Parents and Pet Sitters, helping to match skills and experience to achieve a great match.

We may be an online platform, but we’ve got a team of humans working with the tech at every stage of the process.

We’re also there with back-up support throughout the Pet Sit.