How Do Payments Work?


Should I Charge for My Services?

We encourage our Pet Sitting Community to charge for their professional services.

Many of our sitters charge a daily rate, some a fixed rate, and others living expenses – it’s entirely up to you and the Pet Parent to agree what suits both parties.


When a Pet Parent accepts a Pet Sitter proposal they are asked to deposit the agreed funding to the Trust My Pet Sitter Escrow Account  – providing security for both parties.

The Pet Sitter can now plan to travel, safe in the knowledge the Pet Parent has confirmed the booking and deposited funds.


Payments to Pet Sitters are normally paid out the day following successful completion of a Pet Sit.

Exceptionally, Pet Sitters can request an earlier pay-out from the Pet Parent account.

This is more common in longer sits of more than 7 days and is with the agreement of the Pet Parent.