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What is an affiliate program?

The Trust My Pet Sitter affiliate programme is a great way for other website owners to introduce their customers to the world of pet sitting.

Maybe we have similar customers (pet owners) and non-competing products? It’s a great way to add value to your site and to your customers.

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What does Trust My Pet Sitter do?

If you imagine an Air Bnb for pets, that’s pretty much us in a nutshell! We make the introduction between Pet Owners and Pet Sitters and Services. If you are a Pet Owner who wants their pet to stay in their own home whilst they are away, you can find an ID verified Pet Sitter with us.

If you are a Pet Sitter you can travel the world getting paid to look after other people’s pets in their own home. One week you could be in Paris, the next London!

We’ve also opened up a whole new directory for Pet Services to showcase their products to the Pet Owner market. Maybe you are a pet groomer or dog walker who appeals to a local market, or a pet food supplier who has national reach.

What do we look for in an affiliate?

We are always looking to build exciting new partnerships to help us introduce Trust My Pet Sitter to a new audience, and especially those who share our passion for pets and travel.

The Trust My Pet Sitter affiliate programme is a great way to earn a commission, simply by sharing your passion.

You can enjoy the rewards that come from being part of the Trust My Pet Sitter Community — you can get started straight away!

What Can I Earn?

By joining our affiliate programme you can benefit from the following:

  • Up to 30% commission for all sales
  • £40 ($55) average order value, with a strong website conversion rate
  • Additional incentives for driving leads, as well as sales
  • Regular, reliable commission payments
  • A broad selection of banners and text links
  • Regular updates from Trust My Pet Sitter
  • A dedicated affiliate management team to help

How Do I Sign Up?

The Trust My Pet Sitter affiliate programme is managed via (Part of

Just click on the button below to register and request to become a Trust My Pet Sitter affiliate.

What Happens then?

Once you’ve successfully signed up to become a Trust My Pet Sitter affiliate, you’ll be able to download our creatives and make your own unique tracking links.

Where are the best places for my links?

  • Place or Embed them into your website — they tend to work best within a blog post or any piece of content related to pets, travel, houses, pet sitting and pet services.
  • Include the links in your newsletter with a few lines of content
  • Share on a Facebook post, share us with your followers
  • Add to your Instagram bio or include in a story
  • Pinterest link – could be great places to travel watching pets!
  • Post a Tweet

It’s that Easy!

Now, whenever someone clicks your tracking link and chooses to join Trust My Pet Sitter you will earn a 30% commission. It’s one of the highest commissions you will see and it's really that easy.

Go find those Pet People!