Verify your identity with Yoti

What is Yoti and how do we use it?

We use our identity partner Yoti to confirm your identity. To verify your account and all your future listings with Yoti simply Go to your Profile and click the Yoti Verification button.

In order to display the ID verified badge on your listing, you need to complete the Yoti verification. It only takes a few minutes and helps to keep our community safe. Listings without verification may be removed.

Why Trust My Pet Sitter chose Yoti as our Digital ID provider?

Yoti is a biometric identity app. It works by allowing you to set up a trusted, genuine and verified digital identity. The biometrics are a key part of making sure we keep out fake identities and documents. The biometrics also make sure that it really is you taking actions in the app.

The way Yoti build their solutions is different to other tech companies. With Yoti, you are in full control of your data. Your personal details are encrypted into unreadable data that can only be unlocked by your Yoti app. Nobody else can access or decipher it, not even their staff.

Yoti cannot mine and sell your data to third parties, nor share any details without your approval. You’re in control to securely share specific details, never your whole identity.

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