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We have always loved and respected animals, it's in our nature

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Hello everyone! 🙏
I’ve just arrived on this website, so a little introduction in addition to a small request for Scotland 😁.
We are a couple who travel regularly and have always loved and respected animals.
My girlfriend is in professional reconversion to be able to help the animal cause 🐶.
For my part, I founded an eco-responsible travel agency 🌱🤝🐘.
We used to have pets and worked at a dog shelter in Thailand (with and without health problem). My partner has also done volunteer work in France in a dog and cat shelter, and I’ve volunteered in Thailand in a dog and elephant sanctuary with farm animals.
If you have pets to keep in Scotland in September 2023, we are interested as we will be travelling there for 1 month.
Looking forward to chatting with you 😁.
Guillaume and Manon

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Pet Experience

Dog shelter - Elephant Step Chiang Rai

  •  Thailande
  •  Feb 2018 - Jan 2019

I (Guillaume) volunteered in a dog and elephant shelter during a long trip to Thailand. There were about 20 free in the shelter, and we had to watch them, walk them and wash them (and of course, give them love). Some dogs were handicapped.

Dog shelter - Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

  •  Thailande
  •  Dec 2022 - Mar 2023

We (Guillaume and Manon) volunteered in a dog shelter while traveling in Thailand. We prepared their meals and their medicine, walked them and gave them love. Manon also vaccinated several dogs against rabies.

Dog Shelter - Animal Protection League

  •  France
  •  Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Manon volunteered to walk the dogs and give them love.