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I’ve plenty of experience as a pet sitter and working as a volunteer at animal rescue sanctuaries. I grew up with cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks and I had a deep love for pigs! I would often take care of the animals when my parents were away and walk my singing teacher’s dog. I love to travel, often volunteering as I do, for example in India where I helped look after, feed and walk over 20 dogs, 10 cats and varying numbers of puppies and kittens as well as rehoming. I’ve been a registered cat sitter in the UK for 5 years and began housesitting last year which I absolutely love!

I’m a musician and currently focusing on home recording which means I have my own flexible schedule and need lots of nice breaks to cuddle animals and go outside for walks!

It’s important for me to know exactly how you’d like your pets looked after. I’m attentive to details and making sure your pet feels as comfortable as they can in your absence. I’ll follow your usual routine and be sure to keep your home clean and tidy.