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Hello and thank you reading my profile.  

I'm Angela and have previously had my own Dogs and Cats for many years.  I live in Edinburgh, UK and am available to watch your pets throughout the UK and Europe. I travel with my husband and as we are both taking a year out from our professions as a lawyer and doctor, we are happy to travel anywhere within Europe. 

We choose to take a year out and travel, and what better way to do it than watching great pets in some interesting places.  We're particularly interested in travelling to places that are not the normal 'holiday' places, experiencing living like a local  really appeals.


We are experienced in looking after both large and small dogs as well as Cats and Aquarium Fish. 


Our daily expenses help us to manage day to day living and travel costs to and from your home.  We love pet sitting as we love pets, but are not yet in the fortunate position to be retired with additional income.  


We welcome home swap experiences.  You come to our home and experience living like a local in Edinburgh.  We'd be delighted to swap locations with you and watch your pets  - even though we don't have any of our own.  Our busy day to day jobs meant we didn't have the time to devote - that's why we love Trust My Pet Sitter!

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