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[Example] Watch My Pets in Scotland!!

  • SeekingSeeking: Home Sitter
  • Duration2 Weeks
  • //×-300px-2.pngUnited Kingdom

Home and Pet Sit Details

[Example Pet Parent Post for a Pet Sitter]

This is an example of a Pet Sit Post where Pet Parents post a requirement for a suitable Pet Sitter.

There are 3 types of Pet Sitter:

  • Home Sitter – where a pet sitter will come to stay in the Pet Parents home
  • Home Boarder – where a pet sitter will host a pet in their own home
  • Drop in Care – where a pet sitter who lives locally will visit the pets home

Pet Parents will create a profile page to give a general overview of their pets and their location.  They will then create a Pet Sit Post when they have an actual requirement and when dates can be provided.

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