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I have been working remotely since 2013 and love the fact that I can work from just about anywhere, anytime. I absolutely love to travel and visit new places. I know from my own experience that it can be very difficult to find a pet sitter.

I am interested in house/pet sitting where I can look up from the computer and see something new. I especially like being near water. Maybe a wander into a new city/town/village.  I have visited over 35 countries and have pet sit in USA, UK, Germany, Qatar, Netherlands & Sweden.

Until recently I have always had pets of my own and so I am confident with most animals. I grew up in South Florida but have spent the last 20 years in and around the UK where I have a home.

I love animals and especially long dog walks! I want to visit new places and relax in my new surroundings, hopefully cuddling with your fur babies! If the opportunity arises, I like to do a couple hours of sightseeing so that I can gain local knowledge of somewhere new and I can also get content for my recently started small travel business.

My personal requirements are:

I will be working from my laptop from 4- 5 hours per day and I need stable internet for my work, it doesn’t need to be lighting fast – just stable.

For my own personal safety, I am not comfortable accepting assignments that do not have mobile signal at the location.

I usually do not accept a rural location assignment if I am travelling on my own so let’s discuss this in detail, exceptions might be made if there is a big dog involved or if I may bring a guest/family member.

I am not comfortable around horses or snakes so cannot accept assignments with those animals needing care. If you have horses and have someone that can come in and look after them as needed, then I am happy to take the assignment in general.


As I am new to this platform, reviews can be found on my Trusted Housesitters profile which I can send to you upon request.  I have 7 + glowing reviews.

My last DBS was in 2021.


 Cambridge, UK
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