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My name is Marissa, and I adore all animals! My family has always had pets, ranging from your normal cat and dog to your unusual goose, donkey, and goat. I have grown up with animals, taking care of my parents’ 12 dogs at a very young age.

With a vet tech for a mother, I’ve learned to take care of animals with a variety of disabilities and medical requirements, whether it be insulin shots, eye drops, animals that are blind/deaf, or nervous animals that need lots of TLC. I love walking dogs and playing with them, and I also love playing with cats and birds! Every animal I meet becomes a member of my extended family, and I have yet to meet an animal that I’ve been afraid of or unable to work with. I enjoy bathing and clipping nails, training basic commands, and I also have basic emergency skills that my mom has taught me, such as how to stop bleeding, how to calm a variety of animals down in a stressful situation, and how to react when an animal has a seizure (regardless of whether the dog regularly has seizures or is seizing unexpectedly). I am also comfortable caring for small mammals (I have rats and am obsessed with them!), reptiles, and larger animals like horses, goats, and cows.

I work full-time with a 50/50 work from home schedule, meaning that I’ll be home full-time for two or three days per week. In addition to that, my workplace is a 10 minute walk from my house, giving me plenty of time to come back during lunch and make sure all furry residents are having a good time and relaxing!

I have a small fenced in yard and a friendly dog – Odie – as well as a gated front porch. Odie is great with older and younger dogs, as well as cats (he may get a bit excited, but is a good “first time dog” for desensitizing). My three cats (Arthur, Guinevere, and Knox) are also super sweet – Guinevere and Knox are older and usually pay new animals no mind, while Arthur is younger and interacts with new friends nicely.

Before sitting a dog, I would like to know if they have any special needs, behavioral issues that have not been, or are in the process of being, addressed (I like to train dogs as well, and trained a German Shepherd puppy for a month), and if they are ok around other animals and children.

 Harrisburg, PA, USA
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