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How do I prepare for a Pet Sit?

As a Pet Sitter you should ensure that you have all the details needed to look after pets safely. When you have confirmed the booking with the Pet Owner and prior to your sit you can ask them to prepare the information that you will need during your booking. So, for example:

  • If their pets are on medication, the procedures required and how often. The Pet Owner should leave detailed instructions on its use and how it’s administered.
  • Are the pets ID tagged and/or microchipped? If your pet has a chip, is it registered with the correct address and telephone number.
  • Ask the owner to let their vet know in advance that they will be out of town and that a pet sitter will be caring for your pets. Some sitters will ask Owners to fill out a form detailing the type of care they’d like their pet to receive if they cannot be reached.
  • Is the Pet Insured? If so, ask for the Pet Insurance details to be left in the information pack just in case it is needed.