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Do Cats need a Pet Sitter?

If you are a Cat Parent, you will know that although they can seem aloof they really do love their humans! Most cats do not cope well in a Cattery and find the experience upsetting.

If you go out of town for a few days or on vacation many people think they’ll be fine with someone popping in to fill up some food and water, but that’s not the case. Things can go wrong in a house with a pet left alone – whether it is a medical emergency, flood or fire – cats still need looked after. Also, it can be stressful for a cat to find themselves in a quiet empty home when they are used to the routine of family life.

An empty home can cause confusion and anxiety and lead to stress. A Pet Sitter offers 1:1 care, attention and routine for your cats, and can send you daily updates on their feline adventures!