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I live in Scotland and decided to create Trust My Pet Sitter a few years ago as finding suitable pet care was an ongoing issue for our family. As the pet parent to 3 dogs and a boss cat I was always looking for trustworthy and reliable pet sitters, and equally love to spend time travelling while looking after other peoples pets.

As the children and the parents got older, the issue was always ‘who will watch the pets?’ Our menagerie of pets stayed in their own environment  – as I didn’t want them stressed out in someone else’s home with multiple strange pets – so who would watch them in our home?

That was always the issue. Parents getting older weren’t keen and teenage kids were not interested in the responsibility!

I tried Facebook groups, the unpaid pet sitters website and didn’t find what I was looking for.

With Facebook Pet Sitters there was always the worry of:

  • Do I really know who these people are?
  • How can I trust them to look after my pets well?
  • What guarantees do I have that they will do what they say they will?
  • What about my house, is it safe?
  • Do they have ID verification ….

All of these questions went through my mind and many times we did not go on holiday as we couldn’t find a pet sitter.

Kennels and Cattery were not an option, our pets are like our babies, and the thought of them confused behind bars or in cages wondering where we were would be too much.

With the well known Pet Sitters website where they sit for free – we tried them and the day before a family trip to the USA I couldn’t get in contact with the sitter.  Worried they wouldn’t show up and I would be forced to cancel my holiday. I thought if I paid the Pet Sitter it would be a proper ‘arrangement’ then I would feel happier and not feel like they were doing me a favour!

I vowed to find a better way to do this, and that’s why Trust My Pet Sitter exists.


  • Project costDaily Rate x £20.00 | 14 Days

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