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I am a retired Holistic Practitioner and presently teach English abroad. Since 2016 I have been in China teaching primary and middle school. During the last couple of years on my vacations, I opted to do a little travelling to other countries. But now I am writing a book, so on my holidays, I am looking to be stationary to complete my book.
I have owned several homes of my own and know how to care for property and house. No matter whose home I am in, I treat it like it is my own and take care of it. As I have owned my own pets: cats, dogs (both large and small), fish, and birds, I know the importance of spending time with them and sticking to their routine. I have been house sitting for over ten years and have a great deal of experience in looking after other peoples properties and pets. I have also owned and operated a couple of different business. Business Consulting and Coaching business, Teaching English as a Second Language and a couple of Health Food Stores and Holistic Clinic. I have my M.B.A. and my Ph.D. in Holistic Medicine and am presently starting an online business which gives me great flexibility in my schedule and able to do assignments anywhere in the world.
I like to follow the householders instructions exactly as given, therefore, I would like to encourage each householder to have their written instructions complete and up-to-date. That way we can access it as needed while we are on the sit so that we do not forget anything. So if your cat needs 2 pills per day please be sure that you are very clear about that and write it so that we know. Don't write 'give my cat pills twice a day'. That is NOT saying give my cat 2 pills twice a day. Or if you want your dog kept on a leash for the first week don't tell us after that the dog should have been kept off the leash right away. This is not fair to your pet nor is it fair to the pet sitter. We need to know exactly how they are to be cared for. So write it down, please. I take great pride in doing as instructed so that your animals are cared for in as close of a way as you do so they are not unduly stressed while you are away. As I work on the internet and am writing a book, I typically do not venture too far for very long. So you need not worry, I will be there at your home with your animals for most of the day and definitely overnight. I do not smoke and do not do drugs and do not have other people over at your home while I do the sit. If you have any concerns what-so-ever, I encourage you to ask me any questions.

Pet Types:
Farm Animals
Aquarium Fish
Pet Birds
South Africa
Additional Info:
Can Administer Meds
Senior Pet Experience
Can provide daily exercise
First Aid skills
Dog Sitting Sizes (if relevant):
Giant Dog (101+ lbs)
Large Dog (41-100 lbs)
Medium Dog (16-40 lbs)
Small Dog (0-15 lbs)