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Pet Sitting in the USA

Imagine a new Lifestyle Choice

Become a Trusted Pet Sitter - It's like Airbnb without the fee for pet lovers!

♥ Travel and Stay in different towns and cities worldwide

♥ Choose whether to pet sit for free or accept payments for short and long term assignments.

♥ Tick off your bucket list

♥Travel the world and look after much loved pets

♥ Create a Lifestyle choice - be your own boss and create a business doing what you love!

Becoming a certified Pet Sitter with Trust My Pet Sitter could be one of the most exciting decisions you ever make!

Not only do have the chance to travel and look after much loved pets, you also become a member of our community and make great friends along the way!

One week you could be in a New York apartment, the next week a sunny Los Angeles. What about Chicago or San Francisco?

If you love pets and love to travel come and join us!

Pets get to stay at home in their own environment, with familiar smells and routines

Owners get to go on holiday without worrying about their pets in a strange place

Pet lovers get to watch great pets (and have the option to charge a fee!) in fantastic locations worldwide.

You set your price to suit your circumstances and the location of travel. If you are a free pet sitter who wants to watch pets in return for free accommodation you should set your price to £0 per night. On the other hand if Pet Sitting is your lifestyle choice and you are experienced you can charge your nightly rate, our average rate is around $60!

Pet Owners can contact you directly on the site, or you contact them when you see their profile.

So whether you’re looking for a city or country break, over a short weekend or a longer period, Trust My Pet Sitter could be just what you are looking for!

Get started and sign up today


My Dog Size (if relevant):
Giant Dog (101+ lbs)
Large Dog (41-100 lbs)
Medium Dog (16-40 lbs)
Small Dog (0-15 lbs)
Pet Types:
Farm Animals
Aquarium Fish
Pet Birds
My Home Amenities:
Laundry Facilities
Cable TV
Air Con
Transport Links Nearby
Suitable for Families
Wheelchair Access
Hot Tub
Elevator in Building
My Home Bedrooms:
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms
5 + Bedrooms
My Home Location:
By the Sea
Rural Location
City Pad
Mountain Views
Town Nearby
In the Suburbs
South Africa