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Chloe Bailey

I am great with all animals, I have been vegetarian all my life and I feel very connected to animals 🥰 I've had cats and dogs of my own and I have volunteered in dog and cat rescue centres in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Animals always gravitate towards me and love taking care of them and understand all their needs.

Daniella Pashuk

I have been an international house sitter for over 5 years, and have also owned a dog daycare and boarding in Canada, so I am very experienced with all types of animals, including having my own. In my years of house sitting I have looked after many different animals in over 15 countries, and house....

Guillaume Ecoscien

Hello everyone! I’ve just arrived on this website, so a little introduction in addition to a small request for Scotland . We are a couple who travel regularly and have always loved and respected animals. My girlfriend is in professional reconversion to be able to help the animal cause . For my part, I founded....

Gina Chiuzbaian

I am just a parent of two cats and they are my babies. I know how hard is to find someone trusting to look after you pets and that’s the only reason I am doing this because I love animals.

Sarinna Tsang

Small Animals Boarding in Edinburgh; like hamster, mouse, gerbil, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, hedgehog, sugar glider etc....

Claire Giles

I have kept cats myself for many years so am happy to attend to any special dietary or medical needs. I will clear and change the litter, provide fresh food and water and play your cats at each visit.

Candi Radue

I travel and am lucky enough to look after pets and homes all over the world. From huge St Bernard's and Bernese Mountain Dogs, to exotic parrots and lizards and hedgehogs