What Qualifications do I need to be a Pet Sitter?

While there are no specific qualifications needed to become a pet sitter, there are many different experiences and personal qualities that can make you a fantastic pet sitter.

Pet parents are looking for someone who will look after and care for their home and pets, as if they were their own.  Many of our Pet Sitters currently or previously have had pets of their own, they know the routines and care pets expect, like knowing when it is feeding time!

Our Pet Sitters are people who know how to do a great job, they take pride in looking after our Pet Parents Home and Gardens and keep things running smoothly whilst the Pet Parents are away.

Trust My Pet Sitter use an Industry Leading ID Verification built into our platform to ensure we can provide peace of mind and an extra layer of guarantee for both Pet Parents and Pet Sitters

As you apply for Pet Sits and build your profile and reviews you will find yourself in great demand and on the road to some amazing pet sits experiences!