Find a Pet Sitter

Trust My Pet Sitter helps you find and book a Pet Sitter that’s right for your pet and budget.

Finding and booking a pet sitter through Trust My Pet Sitter is safe and easy. Simply start by selecting ‘Find a Pet Sitter’ into our search box, then you can choose further search terms such as breed, country or daily rate and we will then match you to the pet sitters who most closely match your requirements.

You can then contact as many Pet Sitters as you like for free. We would suggest contacting 2 – 3 pet carers at a time.

All Pet Sitters set their own rates and availability which allows Pet Parents to match those that most closely meet their budget and required experience levels.

Once you have chosen a Pet Sitter to book, please remember to confirm it in the Trust My Pet Sitter website or app as this will validate ID Verification, and any additional services such as 24/7 Vet Advice and Home Insurance Guarantees