How Does Membership Work for Pet Sitters?


Pet Sitter Membership Fee

Our Membership Fee is collected every 12 months, meaning you can Pet Sit and use our services as often as you wish during the period.

How Does it Work?

Starting from only ยฃ99, that’s less than ยฃ9 per month, the Trust My Pet Sitter Membership scheme is unique in our industry.

Your membership period starts to roll from the date you confirm your first booking, and not the date you join us.

When you sign up our team will place you on our active membership list, meaning we start looking for pet sits to suit you straight away.

Letโ€™s say you book your first pet sit on July 26th 2024, your annual membership will start on this day, even if you joined back in March 2024!

So instead of missing the best sits, we can start matching you right now – meaning you don’t waste any precious membership time!