Find a Pet Sitter

When the Pet Parent accepts a Pet Sitter proposal then they confirm by making an escrow deposit on the Trust My Pet Sitter portal  – providing security for both parties.

The Pet Sitter can now plan to travel, safe in the knowledge the Pet Parent has confirmed the booking and deposited funds.

How do I see my Funds?

The funds will be shown in the Dashboard Wallet of the Pet Sitter under pending payments.

Once the Pet Sit is completed and approved by the Pet Parent the funds are moved from pending balance to available balance in the Pet Sitters Wallet.


The Pet Sitter can login and release their available balance at any time.  TMPS release payments twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. The payment will appear in your designated account within 1 – 5 days dependent upon your method of payment type.

What if my funds have not moved from Pending to Available?

This is because the Pet Parent has not yet completed the sit on their Dashboard and left a review.  We allow Pet Parents 5 days to leave a review post Pet Sit. If no attempt is made to complete then the sit will automatically release pending payments and award a default 5 star review.  We make 3 attempts to contact Pet Parents after sits to leave a review, before defaulting.