Find a Pet Sitter

When a Pet Sitter arranges to come to your home to look after your pet it is essential that you or another family member are there to meet them. You want to ensure that your pet sitter has all of the information they need to look after your pet the same way you would. We recommend a sit handover which is a dedicated period of time for the Pet Parent and Pet Sitter can use to ensure all necessary information is provided. Sit handovers usually include a tour of the home and an introduction to the pets.

For simpler sits, handovers may only need to be an hour before the pet parents departure. In other cases, members may want to spend a whole day together — it’s up to both members to decide. If it is agreed by both members, then this could even include an overnight stay before the sit starts.

We recommend every sit begins with a handover and that pet parents factors this into their listing. For example, if you would like a one-day handover and plan to depart on the 20th of the month, be sure to write this in your listing and also set the start date for the sit to the 19th of the month.