Information about Trust My Pet Sitter

How it works

How it works

Trust My Pet Sitter connects Pet Owners with Trusted Pet Sitters and Pet Services.  

You can get started straight away by creating your listing by clicking the "Create a Free Profile" button in the top right hand corner of the site. 

What makes us different?  Well for a start we are for all pets  - we don't just deal with dogs!  We welcome all including dogs, cats, exotic breeds, horses, aquarium fish and farm animals.  

Our Pet Sitters have the opportunity to get paid whilst travelling far and wide looking after pets.  As a certified Trusted Pet Sitter you can make a lifestyle choice or create a new career as a Pet Sitter.  Choose to Pet Sit locally, across country or even internationally.  Some of our most successful pet sitters travel the world whilst watching and meeting great pets and owners from our community.  Each of our Trusted Pet Sitters is verified by our team before creating their listing.  

Our Pet Owners are people like you and me who have pets, and want them to be looked after in their own home when they are away.  Many pets cannot be looked after in kennels, catteries or in someone else's home, they need their own environment with familiar smells and routines.

Pet Owners place their listing on to Trust My Pet Sitter by clicking the "Create a Free Profile" button in the top right hand corner of the site. Once our team have verified it, your listing goes live to our community and you can expect to hear from some great verified Pet Sitters really soon.  Choose to chat with who seems to fit your needs, and when you are happy you can request to book them.  We leave who you choose up to you! 

That's why Trust My Pet Sitter was created, for people and pets just like us!