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Trust My Pet Sitter

  Trust My Pet Sitter

  Love Pets ♥ Love Travel

Where do you turn to when you have 4 dogs and 3 cats who need looking after while on holiday? They hated Kennels and Catteries,  we needed someone to come to our home and look after them.  Family were not always eager - and we felt there must be a better solution.

This is the dilemma we faced, and we found out we were not alone - many of our friends faced similar issues and this led us to create Trust My Pet Sitter.

 Our furry family consisted of a whole myriad from a cute Pomeranian puppy to an 18 year old blind British Blue Cat (not to mention 2 German Shepherds and a Terrier cross) 

 We love our pets and wanted them to be safe and happy when we were off enjoying our vacations.

Meet our Furry Family ...



That's why Trust My Pet Sitter was created, for people and pets just like us!